Big Flow Rate Filter Cartridges

HIFL Series high flow filter cartridges are made from depth fine 100% PP or GF non-woven fabrics. The filter has a big diameter of 6 inch/152mm. The inside to outside flow pattern ensures that all the particles will be intercepted at the inside of the filter. The long service life and high flow rate result in low cost in many applications.

As a pleated water filter cartridge with optimized membrane structure better filtration precision and efficiency can be offered by HIFL. HIFL is Parker, 3M, Pall, and Pentair high flow rate cartridge replacement.


  • High filtration area, high flow rate in one high flow cartridge, max to 115 m3/h
  • Multi membrane layers for high dirt holding capacity, long service life
  • More micron ratings and lengths for choosing
  • Micron ratings from 0.5µm to 100µm, and lengths from 20″ to 60″
  • Large diameter of 6 inch/152mm
  • Strong pressure resistance


  • Low initial pressure
  • Less work needed, lower maintenance cost and operation
  • Friend handle design for easier change out
  • Large flow rate require fewer filter cartridges
  • 100% Polypropylene material for wide chemical compatibility
  • Large filter area, long service life, lower pressure drop
  • OEM available
  • HIFL is Parker, 3M, Pall, Cuno and Pentair high flow rate cartridge replacement.


  • Power & Utilities
  • Petro Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Food& Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Waste Water
  • Electronics
  • Municipal Water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • RO Pre-filtration


big flow rate cartridge specifications chart


big flow rate cartridge how to order
big flow rate cartridge flow rate pressure chart