Automatic Horizontal Hydrodynamic Sucking Filter Housings

KMALWZF series horizontal hydrodynamic drive self-cleaning filter-its self-cleaning totally rely on water pressure of the pipe system, without external power. Filtration range: 25–1000 micron. Single filter flow can reach 1500 Ton/H per set.

Horizontal hydraulic driven self-cleaning filter applied range
Industrial city, HVAC, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, paper etc.

The water flows through the primary screen firstly to filter out large particles then flow through finer screen. The particles are retained on the inside of the screen of the filter element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet. When the pressure differential increases to the pre-determined level the flushing cycle starts. An automatic valve is opened on the drainage outlet then hydraulic piston release pressure. Hydraulic motor activate suck scanner system which generates a helical movement along the screen to vacuum up the captures particles from the screen. The captured solids are expelled through the drain valve.

Filters continue to supply filtered water even during the flushing cycle.The whole working system is controlled by a smart box which has several control modes: pressure differential, time, manual or PLC.

How to select
1. Flow capacity (Pipe diameter)
2. Filtration range
3. Shell material
4. Pipeline pressure
5. Chemical properties of the filter medium
6. Suspended solids (SS) concentration of filter medium